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Pricing will vary depending on material used and how much coverage is desired.

Clear Bra/PPF

Do you find rock chips to be annoying? Did you know it only takes 1 drive down the highway in Colorado to get rock chips on the front fascia of your car? We have the perfect solution for you, a clear plastic film that is virtually invisible and will resist rock chipping on your vehicles paint.

This film is commonly know as clear bra or PPF(paint protection film). This product is self healing (scratches begin to disappear with heat due to the reversible polymers in the material), comes with a warranty and will pay for itself in the long run by preserving your factory paint, therefore resulting in a higher resale value on your car. We offer a number of brand options such as; Xpel, Suntek and Llumar.

Most of our PPF installs are computer cut, however there is a rare occasion when our technician may have to do a custom cut install. Custom install you say? No worries there, our clear bra technician has over 10 years experience and can do a custom cut without scoring/cutting into your clear coat.


The most valuable benefit of having PPF installed on your vehicle is that the film will preserve your factory finish. We all know a car that has original paint will always be worth more than one that has been repainted!

We have even had clients run into the side of garages, minor accidents and scuffed up against an object who have not had to repaint due to clear bra being installed. A simple peel off of the old material and replacement of that area = good as new!