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At Greeley Auto Spa/Sun Stoppers we have setup our packages and options to try our best to meet everyone’s requirements and needs when it comes to a vehicle coating. We have packages available ranging from a 1 year coating at $299 to a lifetime starting at $1699(depending on vehicle). It’s always best to call or stop in the shop to discuss options and pricing.

Ceramic Coatings

Want your car to look its best? Want insane gloss? Want the paint to look better than it was brand new?

We have you covered!

  • This is what it boils down to, we offer ceramic coatings of all types of levels.
  • Want a coating that will just make your car glossier and last a year? We have that.
  • Want a coating that has a warranty? Not a problem
  • Have a new car and want to keep it looking amazing?** Looking for a specific coating brand? We have been authorized by the majority of coating companies to install their products. However our preferred products are Xpel Fusion Plus & Ceramic Pro!


Ease of Maintenance. The surface is extremely slick, therefore resulting in nothing sticking to the surface and rolling right off!

Sacrificial layer on top of your clear coat. Most coatings consist of nano particles(very very tiny molecular structures) that will actually go down into your clear coat(see diagram) and then also form a layer on top of your clear coat that cannot be washed away like wax. This is creating a layer of protection on top of your clear coat!

Semi-Permanent to Permanent Bond! The Ceramic Coatings we offer at Greeley Auto Spa/Sun Stoppers cannot be removed by washing your car or even a chemical wash. You would have to literally use abrasives to remove our coatings(high speed polishing/sanding etc.)

Extreme gloss! You thought your paint was perfect and shiny when you purchased it brand new??? Wait until you see what the results of a proper paint correction and coating application will do. We personally have never seen even a clear coat that has been wetsanded and polished be as glossy as a car with orange peel and coated!

Hardness: Clear coats are very sensitive, and sometimes it seems like no matter how careful you are, it is impossible not to leave behind some very light marring or swirls after washing and drying. Paint coatings are typically harder than your vehicle’s clear coat. This added hardness helps to protect your paint from light marring. Remember, coatings can still easily be scratched, however they can help to reduce the amount of lighter defects from appearing over time. This means you will need to polish your vehicle less often.

Resistance to contamination: Fewer contaminates will bond to the surface of the coating, so you will find that you will need to clay your vehicle much less often. In fact, treating your vehicle with Iron X a couple of times a year may be all that is needed to remove the bonded contaminates from the coating