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Our definition of detailing at Auto Spa of Greeley is a very thorough deep steam/shampoo cleaning of your entire interior of the vehicle. We clean every crack, crevice, nook and cranny. We take deep pride in what we do and always want to produce the best possible result when it comes to any of the services we offer. This is why it takes so much time to complete the job and we only offer complete services for our clients. We are an art business, your vehicle is our canvas that we display our abilities on. Its all in the details right?

Ever go to a drive through car wash and purchase an express detail or even a detail and you didn’t get the results you expected? Those types of businesses are a numbers business. With us we know you by name and you become part of our Auto Spa family.


Our Signature Detail includes a full interior detailing/steam cleaning/shampoo, uv protectant application, exterior wash, wheel cleaning, tires dressed and all windows cleaned. This detail package is great for those who maintain their vehicle on a regular basis.

Cars $169
Small Truck $189
Small SUV/Crossover $229
SUV/Van/Truck $269
XL Suv/Truck $289

Prestige Detail

The Prestige Detail package comes with a full interior rejuvenation treatment that includes shampooing, steam cleaning and thorough scrubbing of all panels. Uv protectant applied to interior plastics and leather. The vehicle will then receive a sudsy bubble bath, light clay towel, wheel cleaning and a 1 step gloss enhancement polish. Tires dressed and all windows cleaned. * We highly recommend upgrading to a leather conditioner and paint sealant or even Fortify(our ceramic base sealant 10-12 months protection)

Cars $249
Small Truck $279
Small SUV/Crossover $309
SUV/Van/Truck $349
XL Suv/Truck $399

Want to step it up another notch and get rid of those nasty swirl marks, 50-60% of your scratches and really enhance your paints gloss? The Concours Detail is the package you are looking for. Of course we include the full interior detailing and rejuvenation as the lower tiered detail packages, however this one includes a 2 step polishing process on the exterior that makes a major difference on your paint surface. * We highly recommend upgrading to Fortify our ceramic based sealant that lasts 10-12 months to really protect your paints finish and give you the ease of maintenance.

Cars $369
Small Truck $399
Small SUV/Crossover $429
SUV/Van/Truck $469
XL Suv/Truck $519