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Window Tinting

You ever feel like somebody is looking at you? Creepy isn’t it? Well guess what? Get your windows tinted and it will be difficult to see you in your flashy ride!

We all usually like to lay out on the beach to catch a tan and get that right skin tone right? Well dont catch yourself getting farmers tan because your windows are not tinted. Not only will tint block harmful uv rays, but it will also block a good amount of heat. Looking to block a lot of heat but dont want the look of window tint on your car? We have a film that is extremely light in color but will block as much heat as a dark standard film would. Block harmful uv rays will also protect your interior from sun damage and fading.

Even though the fad of colored tint, mirror tint and even sparkle tint has died, we still have a good amount of options when it comes to the shades, performance, some slight color differences and price points.

Our main installer at Greeley Auto Spa has been installing all types of window films since 2005 and has been certified by 3m, Suntek, llumar, Photosync and a few others.

All films installed by us are back by a lifetime nationwide warranty that guarantees the tint will not fade, turn purple, peel, delaminate or crack.

Standard Lifetime Film

Ceramic Lifetime Film (Blocks more Heat)