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Windshield Skin

Do you ever cringe when you hear the sound of sand or rocks hitting your windshield? I know I do, but did you know there is a film that can be placed on the front of your windshield that will give you peace of mind and prevent your windshield from getting chipped?

Thats correct, just like clear bra (paint protection film) prevents rock chips on the paint of your car, there is a film now that will prevent rock chips in your windshield. This film is even backed by a warranty that will cover the cost of your windshield if it happens to crack within the warranty period!

Windshield film protection adds a scratch resistant coating that stands up to everyday abrasions such as wiper blades, stones, and other abrasive materials. Along with decreasing the chances of objects entering your car through your windshield, windshield film protection helps to hold shattered glass in place in the case of an accident, thereby increasing you and your passengers’ personal safety.