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Colorado Car Show Season Approaching

Spring is near, there will be rain showers, tree sap falling, and tar being applied to the roads. All of these are potential hazards that could damage the exterior of your vehicle if it is not protected properly. You could opt to constantly wax your vehicle every 3-4 weeks, risk the potential of getting wax onto your plastics and staining it, leaving wax residue behind that would give it a milky looking finish, and of course every time you go to touch your vehicle you have the possibility of scratching it.

Then again you could opt for a coating that would last anywhere from a year to 7 years! The benefits of having a ceramic coating would be ease of maintenance, protection from mother nature’s harmful elements, enhanced gloss, potential scratch resistance, color depth and insane slickness! On top of all that you don’t have to wax your vehicle and most of the time you would just air dry it instead of wiping with a towel.

Ceramic coating you say? Yes, a glass like shield that is derived of many components such as silicon dioxide, quartz, titanium dioxide and other substances. Glass you say? So will it crack? Thats a negative ghost rider, the coatings we offer are backed and warrantied by many companies and have been tested for expansion, contraction, bending, chemical resistance and so on. So no worries there!

How do you know a coating is there or when it needs to be recoated? Does the coating flake off? You could visibly see the coating is we only did half of your panel, but who wants that? So technically you cannot see the coating itself, but what you can see is the great amount of gloss and color depth. You can also feel the slickness of the coating when you are drying the vehicle. The slickness part is what generally diminishes the fastest. This is due to the top coating giving great hydrophobicity and you cannot (at this time) achieve extreme slickness and hardness in 1 coating. This is why we always top a hard coating with a slick one and offer products to maintain the slick coating so the slickness does not diminish. Coatings do have various lifespans and it honestly all has to do with how you take care of the vehicle and wash it. Obviously a coated vehicle that is ran through a brush wash won’t last nearly as long as a vehicle that is properly hand washed and dried. A brush wash is essentially a form of heavy abrasion, which in return is almost like sanding your clear coat(not that extreme).

So to recap, toss out the wax, coat your ride, win trophies, enjoy the ease of maintenance, slickness, gloss and friends complimenting your vehicle’s finish all season long!

Maintenance of a coating……… be continued!

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