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Window Tinting and its Benefits



Benefits to Window Tinting

Privacy & Security:

Avoid glancing looks from other driversHelp keep a low profile. Protect your belonging inside the car when you park it. Makes smash-and-grab car theft more difficult

Better Driving:

Less glare equals more focused driving. Better overall vision. More comfort = a more peaceful driver. A controlled climate aids in keeping the driver more aware.

Road Safety & Accident Prevention:

Fewer accidents due to a more focused driver. Shield your eyes & prevent glare from blinding light. Avoid shattered glass upon impact.

Staying Healthy and Beautiful:

Blocks 99% of cancer-causing UV rays. Blocks up to 98% of all heat. Help avoid skin aging, sun spots, Melanoma. It is estimated that at least 66,000 die because of this specific kind of cancer. The harmful UV rays are also the ones to blame for almost 3 million cases of blindness due to Cataract caused or enhanced by sun exposure.

Prolonging the Lifespan of Your Car:

Prevent premature deterioration such as cracking, breaking, and fading. Protects the interior which helps for the value of your car. Helps against engine deterioration by limited engine strain due to excessive A/C running.

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